TMG Cast-Comics Irrelevancy On the Edge of Civility-Episode 255-“That Is A Filthy Angry Comic Book”







We talk amusement park capes, with lights; and watch KILLER MERMAID. Minor speculation on Suicide Squad. We start in on the actual comics for June’s Indies with MANIFEST DESTINY 20-featuring conquistadors, squatch, eating squatch, hallucinations, and ominous findings…MIDNIGHT OF THE SOUL 1 is the story of a ptsd ridden writer post WW2 with a philandering wife, and murder mysteries…HILLBILLY 1 brings us more supernatural back-country weirdness, told infallibly and drawn incomparably. LOBSTER JOHNSON METAL MONSTERS OF MIDTOWN 2 continues on with the mystery of spelunking engineers, Hyperboreans, and mecha, mecha, mecha. HARROW COUNTY 13 brings back the call of the cornfield. Ghost scarecrows, monsters, witches gifts, and awesomes.  DESCENDER 12 is Tim 22 backstory-which features neglect, outright hate, and android murders. REVIVAL 40 continues the events coming to a head with riots, murder, and the escape of the soul-shmoos. JAMES BOND: EIDOLON’s new villain-Hawkwood-tells us clearly he’s a villain cause he kills his accountant. HELLBOY IN HELL 10 seemingly finishes the saga, with an empty hell and the story of the remaining captains of hell. MERCURY HEAT 10 ups the ante even further if you can fuckin believe it, with the Crossed Plague escaping even though the perps were caught.We top it all off with SHADOW: DEATH OF MARGO LANE 1 Shadow has to track down the Tong’s new leader, The Red Empress-trailing from NYC to Shanghai and back.

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