Comics Alternative, Webcomics: Reviews of The Red Hook, Kill 6 Billion Demons, and Rice Boy

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Reluctant Heroes

Time Codes:

  • 00:00:27 – Introduction
  • 00:07:03 – Brief comments on the 2016 Ignatz Award nominees for Outstanding Online Comic
  • 00:18:07 – The Red Hook
  • 00:57:28 – Kill 6 Billion Demons
  • 01:21:11 – Interview with Jim McClain and Paul Schultz
  • 01:41:15 – Rice Boy
  • 02:13:55 – Wrap up
  • 02:15:30 – Contact us


On this extra-long episode of The Comics Alternative Webcomics, Sean and Derek cover a lot of territory on the webcomics front. They begin with a few brief comments on this year’s Ignatz Award nominees for Outstanding Online Comic. They also contrast the way that the Ignatz judges classify webcomics with what the Eisner Awards has been doing lately, combining webcomics and digital comics.

After that, the guys jump into the core of this month’s episode with a look at Dean Haspiel’s The Red Hook. They discuss, among other things, the fact that superhero comics are relatively rare in webcomics and that this title is reminiscent of what Haspiel did with The Fox, for Archie Comics, and with his own comics centered on Billy Dogma and Jane Legit. Sean and Derek also spend a bit of time talking about Webtoons, the platform where you’ll find The Red Hook.

Next, they review Kill 6 Billion Demons. Both of the guys are impressed by Tom Parkinson-Morgan’s art and the intricacies involved in his world-building, but they are somewhat critical of the webcomic’s design and usability. It’s not easy to navigate that site, which is surprising, given the fact that Kill 6 Billion Demons has been around since 2013.

Before they turn to the final webcomic of the month, Derek and Sean introduce what they hope will be a new feature of the monthly series. Beginning with this episode, they will talk briefly with Jim McClain and Paul Schultz about a new webcomics they’re creating, Poe and the Mysteriads. Every month they hope to check in with the creators about the step-by-step process they’re going through in developing the title, from story concept to art choices to the design of the website.

Finally, Sean and Derek look at Evan Dahm’s already completed webcomic, Rice Boy. This is the second time Dahm’s work has been a focus of the webcomics series, the first occasion being a discussion of Vattu back in January 2015. This is a much earlier webcomic, and the guys discuss the evolution of Dahm’s art and storytelling style as the story develops. It’s an intriguing fantastical quest narrative, and if you’re not already familiar with Dahm, then this would be a great way to get to know his work.

Sample art from Poe and the Mysteriads

Sample art from Poe and the Mysteriads


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