TMG_Cast-Comics Irrelevancy on the Edge of Civility-Episode #252-“Alcohol and Coffee Keep Me From Hurting You”


We watch “Mexicano Barabaro”. It’s about as it sounds. Eventually it’s up to the DCs-but the Whovians and the DWEEKS, which seriously, is the single worst fandom name ever. We discuss new characters and legacy characters.  Kicking off the show proper is JL 3001 #12-frankly, not the best work from this team ever, and wow, it doesn’t end any better than it ran to begin with. SINESTRO 23 is largely Wrath of Khan with power rings, due to the teraforming weapon the Red Lanterns want. LEGEND OF WONDER WOMAN 5 and 6-and it’s Diana’s awakening as a political and superheroic being from newsreels-and also sexism in the early forties. She confronts the Duke, and it’s pretty damned good. BATMAN 52 is the heartfelt end we didn’t get last time, and Alfred is a human being of supreme caliber. POISON IVY 5 has teen plant babies. And monsters. And The Green. And strip bars. Nuff said. STARFIRE 12 It’s a month of bittersweet endings, as Kori loses her job, her house, and must move on from her now-close friends, since there’s no such universe anymore. SWAMP THING 5 has The Spectre. you don’t need anymore than that. DETECTIVE 52 Jim Gordon flambes a god. That is sufficient enough description for you. ASTRO CITY 35 is Ike’s journey through the history of Jack in the Box-the kind of Legacy character DC only wishes the could fuckin’ do. We end it all with the event of the century-DC REBIRTH 1. Just listen to it-I don’t have the energy to retype that shit.

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