TMG_Cast-Comics Irrelevancy on the Edge of Civility-Episode 251-“BEWARE THE AMISH NINJA!”






It’s May’s Indies for this ep. TechJedi reminds everyone that yeah, those WERE bullets in the GI Joe cartoons. Tech reminds you there are free comics to be had when you pay attention to us. TechJedi also reminds you that he was fuckin’ Nostradamus about Steve Rogers and Hydra. We watch BLOOD VALLEY: SEED’S REVENGE, which is ridiculous. We kick off the books with AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE 9-paragon of horror books, filled with revelations and literal deals with devil-like beings. SABRINA 5 has finally graced the universe with it’s publication, showing us how real witches get out of convictions in court.  MANIFEST DESTINY 19 begins…SQUATCH!. ‘Nuff Said. AMERICAN MONSTER 4 takes on a funerary journey, and some existentialism to boot. ALIENS: DEFIANCE 2 shows the intelligence and savvy of combat synthetics, but has the classic turnaround of ‘oh we’re safe” to “oh shit we’re not”. HARROW COUNTY 12 is the original hainted house. Heh heh. WAR STORIES 18 finishes the Hans The Bastard line, with recommended reading. EMPRESS 2 Follows the family to Antares, and teleporting, and cliffhangers of the literal sort, babies falling into monsters moths, etc. It’s fun. REVIVAL 39–well–just read it, seriously. It’s convoluted and awesome and weird and cool. LOBSTER JOHNSON: METAL MONSTERS OF MIDTOWN 1 gives us several ludicrously awesome art-deco-mecha, connected somehow with society ladies, missing engineers, 200 lb bombs, and more. HELLBOY IN HELL 9 finishes us out, with a demonic trio recanting the tale of their fallen lords, attacking Hellboy, and HB’s very own wife.


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