Wayne’s Comics Podcast #228 With Jon Santana From ‘Jaded’

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What makes a hero? That’s just one of the topics I discuss with Indie comics creator Jon Santana during episode 228! Jon’s writing shines in his creations Jaded, Wordsmith, Everhounds and Bejaded, a webcomic based loosely on Jaded. We talk about his realistic take on superheroes in Jaded, and some of what we can expect as this high-octane miniseries concludes with the final three of six issues. You’ll also want to learn about the other projects he has coming, so don’t miss it! To access these books, be sure to go to Jon’s website at this link or check out Drive Thru Comics. Stay tuned for news about comixology and national distribution of the book in local shops, too!  Jon can write everything from serious drama to comedy, so you’ll enjoy what he has to say!


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