Super Hero Speak – #143: Dopinder’s Day Off

Chimichangas, Guns and Deadpool! This week the guys sit down and review the most epic superhero movie of 2016, Deadpool. Mr. Pool was that good? can you please put the grenade down now? Listen as Dave, Ben and Zack try to convince John why he’s wrong about this Awesome film. Sit back and enjoy our review of Deadpool.


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2 thoughts on “Super Hero Speak – #143: Dopinder’s Day Off

  1. Not sure if it was trolling, but the guy whining about the deadpool movie got too annoying, and I had to stop listening. Probably not going to listen again due to that.

  2. Hey, thanks for the feed back. We understand that John was being a bit harsh during the review. He was trying to be funny and ad a differning opinion. Please don’t let this one episode cloud your opinion on our show. Try listening to some of our other episodes. Like some of out interviews we’ve done with some of comics greats.

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