Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Episode 55: That’s How Painkillers Work


Jim and Eric get together and talk a bunch of nonsense…only to find out they weren’t recording it. Yep, an hour and a half of the podcast just disappeared and while others may have given up, these two idiots started over and ended up with over 5 hours of…well, something.  They talk all of the DC Comics that came out this week (including Poison Ivy with guest, Reggie), discuss the news and more.  If they aren’t the #hardestworkingguysinpodcasting, they are the stupidest.  Enjoy!

DC Comics reviewed: Batman and Robin Eternal #16, Batman #48. Titans Hunt #4, Poison Ivy #1, Harley Quinn #24, Superman/Wonder Woman #25, Wonder Woman #48, Martian Manhunter #8, Sinestro #19, Batgirl #47

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