Arc Reactions – 38 – Red Daughter of Krypton

Supergirl gets a Red Lantern ring and a rage induced adventure begins. This story combines the titles of Red Lanterns and Supergirl to tell a mutual story of growth for Supergirl as well as Guy Gardner. Dylan and John broaden the topic to include the Red Lanterns’ place in the DC Universe as well. Also, John’s horrible singing makes a return to the podcast. We know you’ve been waiting for that.

Talking Points


Lanterns unaware of Supergirl and Superboy (15:34)
Supergirl’s motivations (20:54)
Worldbreaker-1 (26:48)
Difficulty merging two stories into one (33:08)


Relationship between Guy Gardner and Tora (39:16)
Moral lesson – always being angry is bad (43:24)
Red Lantern Corps redemption story? (48:48)
Guy Gardner as a leader (59:28)
Supergirl’s character development (1:04:49)
Red Lantern Comparisons (1:09:09)

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As mentioned in the episode:

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ARP – 22 – Green Lantern: Rise of the Third Army
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