EJDAC Ep. 29: The Temp


Disagreetings! Erik and James couldn’t get together before Erik left for a trip to San Diego, so Erik’s brother Christopher fills in as guest co-host and the duo discuss Secret Wars #3 and Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #1. Erik and Christopher ended up agreeing on a whole lot, but James’ prickly opinions are still represented as Erik and Christopher read a transcript of an IM exchange between E&J about the aforementioned books. Erik also goes over Superior Iron Man #9 and Master of Kung-Fu #2Unfortunately, the vacation ended up delaying the release of this episode a few days, but hey, better later than never, right? Follow us on Twitter at @EJDAC, email us at erikandjamesdisagree at gmail dot com. Recorded on 6.4.15.

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