EJDAC Ep. 24: Solitary Man


Disagreetings! This week Erik is on his own, talking to himself about comics. James is on assignment. Erik talks about Avengers #44, New Avengers #33, Fantastic Four #645, Superior Iron Man #8, Silver Surfer #11, Nova #30, All-New Captain America #6, and Marvel’s 2 Free Comic Book Day offerings: Secret Wars #0 and the All-New, All-Different Avengers / Uncanny Inhumans Preview. Erik also saw Avengers: Age of Ultron and loved it (of course). The Vision was the star of the show. Erik felt weird doing the podcast alone, he doesn’t mind telling you. He being me, writing about myself in the third person…which is also weird. Follow us on Twitter at @EJDAC, email us at erikandjamesdisagree at gmail dot com. Recorded on 5.5.15.

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