Superman Fan Podcast Episode #319 Part XI: MegaCon 2015: Indie Comics Panel Room!

(L to R:) Panel moderator Terry Cronin, Brian Pulido, Martin Dunn, Austin Janowsky,  Juan Navarro, Martin Pierro and Jeff Kaufman!

(L to R:) Panel moderator Terry Cronin, Brian Pulido, Martin Dunn, Austin Janowsky, Juan Navarro, Martin Pierro and Jeff Kaufman!

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Note: The following panel contains a little bit of EXPLICIT language. Listener discretion is advised.

THE INDIE COMICS PANEL ROOM, as it was titled in the panel schedule, was the final panel I attended at MegaCon 2015. It occurred in Room 205BC from 1:20 – 2:10 pm. Panel Moderator Terry Cronin led this interactive panel in a discussion of the challenges of becoming an independent comic book creator, finding reliable talent to work with, handling portfolio critiques from established professionals, and treating your comic book career in a professional and businesslike manner. The panelists touched on these topics and more through sharing stories from their own careers.

Terry Cronin: 3 Boys Productions

Brian Pulido:

                       Brian Pulido Director

                       Mischief Makers Studios

                       Lady Death Universe

                       The Graves Movie

                       Coffin Comics

Martin Dunn: Hashtag Comics

Austin Janowsky: Deviant Art

                              Austin Janowsky Art on Facebook

Juan Navarro: Creature Entertainment

Martin Pierro: Cosmic Times Comics

Jeff Kaufman: Big City Comics

Next Episode: MEGACON 2015 WRAP UP!  In this final episode for MegaCon this year, I’ll discuss my experiences at the convention and share a few interviews I conducted on Friday and Sunday.

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