The Mean Geek-Comics Podcasting On the Edge of Civility-Episode 199-“…New 52’s Literary Crimes Aside…”


We talk some bad Bat villains for a little bit; mention Supergirl’s debut photo. We finally get to some Marvels with THOR 3 with Malekith backstory, good dialog, Jotuns trying to eat Thor, and more. TV SHIELD 1, which was fun Waid stuff. CAP AND THE MIGHTY AVENGERS 3, The inverted Avengers and the good Avengers throw down, with Spidey breaking it up. HAWKEYE DEADPOOL 3 having Kate and Wilson teaming up to fight a mind controlled Clint; SHE HULK 11, with guests Titania and Volcana, which was neat to see after all these years; SUPERIOR IRON MAN 3 brings us TEEN ABOMINATION(eww) wanting extremis 3, and matt having a nice moment. UNCANNY XMEN 29 has ILLYANA catching Dr Strange and Clea in bed, and that’s all you need. MS MARVEL 10 Kamala argues with volunteer duracells, and THAT’s all you need. CAPTAIN AMERICA 2 give us some good Sam backstory, which is tainted with the bad father routine, before Zemo has Crossbones attack; CAPTAIN MARVEL 10 seems to be a pleasant pallette cleanser as Carol gets letters from home. BLACK WIDOW 13 ramps things up a bit, with Nat hunting down accountants? whaaaa! ALL NEW XMEN 34 MILES and DISCOUNT JEAN JR meet the ultimate xmen, while bobby fights mole men amusingly. SPIDEY ANNUAL 1 has an amusing but not unheard of PETE IS LATE OH NO routine.  AMAZING SPIDER MAN 11 brings in 60s cartoon spidey, and now you can die happy. SPIDER WOMAN 2 Jess lands in a world where she’s some kind of ruler, so she takes it in stride and takes charge.

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