The Mean Geek-Episode #198.5-He’s a Muppet That Drinks, Mother-ECCC Wrap Up


Well! That was an irritating delay, but it was worth the wait! We bring you three full hours of con related anecdotes and interviews-featuring:(remember to click the links and visit!)

Ben Khan, featuring his book SHAMAN.

Wynter, from GEEK GIRL CON, telling us all about the awesome show they run;

Josh, featuring his MINIBLITZ GAME;

DESTRO and the Femme Troopers of COBRA NORTH;

80% STUDIOS with their awesome array of imaginative independent books;

and last but not least, Josh Hawkes from Points of Interest Podcast Network!

We also hung out with Regina from Game On Girl, and Dezi Desire, Cosplyer and Nerdlesque performer extraordinaire!

All with our patented Reverend Mad Duck commentary!


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