The Mean Geek-Comics Podcasting on the Edge of Civility-Episode #195 “Johnny Wopper an Deuteronomy the Flying Robot”

We babble for a while about beer expenses and net anonymity. We talk through jim zub’s hashtag fourcomics, dredging up memories.For quite a while. Finally we get to books with the Marvels released in November. We gt into ALL NEW CAPTAIN AMERICA 1-returning Zemo to us, and taking Batroc away. BUCKY BARNES 2which i just can’t deal with. THOR 2 has her contemplating. SPIDER-WOMAN 1 opens mid story and is ok but needs to hit it’s own story. UNCANNY 28 is just talky beyond talky. SUPERIOR IRON MAN 1 and 2 gives us our first disappointing Iron Man in 8 years. SHE HULK 10 has Steve telling his side. CAPTAIN MARVEL 9 guests Lila Cheney which amuses me and irritates rev. CAP AND THE MIGHTY AVENGERS 1 and 2 just a weird and need to improve. SILVER SURFER 7 has cosmic pilot fish. AMAZING SPIDER MAN 9 and 10 brings us the joy of spider ham but the weirdness of the morlun family. We close with BLACK WIDOW 12 having the media target Nat.

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