Super Hero Speak – #90: Adam Lash

Welcome to the first in what we hope to be a continuing series of Comics on Comics. This is where we sit down with a stand up comedian and talk comic books with them. Adam Lash is not only a very funny stand up comedian, and a huge comic book nerd, he is also one of the co-creators behind the web series Gigahoes. An in depth look at what relationships with sex robots will be like in the future. Oh yeah, be warned this episode is a little more PG-13 than usual. So sit back enjoy and have a laugh on us!


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#stumpthegeekspeak question of last week: Who was the first major character to die in the Marvel Ultimate Universe?

Answer: Gambit in Ultimate X-Men annual 1

And the winner is Devon Kopec! Congrats Devon you are the Geek of the Week!

#stumpthegeekspeak question of the week: in the mid-70s Marvel had a strange rule about wolverine involving hair. What was it?

To answer post on our FB page or tweet @SuperHeroSpeak #stumpthegeekspeak. A winner will be announced on the next episode.c

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