The Mean Geek-Comics Podcasting on the Edge of Civility-Episode #195-“Nobody Lies To The Grendel”


Badly aging action stars. Eww. TechJedi mourns his one Christmas present; talk about some Emerald City preparations with some obscure books. Mention Ant-Man trailer. Honestly, it was not much of much. Talk some DC TV stuff, mention Agent Carter. Lambaste Dr Who for a little while. Eventually we get to the Indies. We start with THE FADE OUT 3, giving us pagan orgies and and ex husbands. ODY-C 1, mispell some names equals indy greatness. OUTCAST 5, Kyle and Pastor interview the possessed criminal. WYTCHES 2 Sailor seems to meet a friend, but hallucinates. MEN OF WRATH 2 We get some Rath backstory which is just out and out brutal. REVIVAL 25 brings out the wakco fundies for self crucifixion; BIG TROUBLE IN LITTE CHINA 6 has fish people gettting their slimy asses handed to them by Miao Yin. I hate BODIES 5. THE HUMANS 1 is crude and just completely unfucking funny. VELVET 8 treats us to Velvet pulling a flying nick fury squirrel routine. HOLMES AND HOUDINI 2Holmes demonstrates how Houdini could not be responsible for the murder the pevious issue. GRENDEL SHADOW 3 has betrayals and auto gyros, which we love.

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