Super Hero Speak – #87: Cat videos over flying cars

This week Pete, Dave and Ben (John was mysteriously absent this week) sit down and discuss Agent Carter and the Ant-Man trailer. Along with the CW wanting more DC comic based shows. Plus NASA plans on building a real life Enterprise. Beam us up! So sit back and Enjoy!


#stumpthegeekspeak question of last week: On the show The Librarians in the episode And the Fables of Doom what is the comic book related reference written on the chalkboard?

Answer: Loki’s Staff. And no one got it this week, but keep trying guys!

#stumpthegeekspeak question of the week: Name 3 instances of characters introduced in other mediums (Cartoon/TV/Film) that were so popular they crossed back into the comics as main characters.

To answer post on our FB page or tweet @SuperHeroSpeak #stumpthegeekspeak. A winner will be announced on the next episode.c

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