The Mean Geek-Comics Podcasting On the Edge of Civility-Episode #188 “I Would So Buy An Album of Alison Blair Norwegian Death Metal”


We watch WITCHIN’ AND BITCHIN’, which turned out hilarious.We bitch a little bit ourselves. Which is boring. TJ is dreadfully disappointed about the cancellation of She Hulk. We quickly note thh onslaught of Marvel flicks in the next couple years. We talk movie slates and whether DC should even be hyping till something else is delivered. Compare Flash dating, GA and GL dating your sister. We finally get to Marvels and we start with SHE HULK 8; Cap is on trial and it’s pretty interesting. We move to AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 6-where J Jonah just can’t stop screwing himself. This allows TJ to rant about nerds screwing Themselves. Hit some XMEN of various sorts, where tearing down dead icons seems de riguer. Hit some THOR with 25, hangin out in the library, finding hidden books. Get to some Ms Marvel with 8, starring Lockjaw. Do some HAWKEYE vs DEADPOOL, fun but mildly confusing. Leads us into Hawkeye’s own book, which yet again has nothing to do with clint barton. Capt Marvel 7-alien octopus. More XMEN. Hit HULK 6 with sigh Doc Green; SAVAGE HULK doesnt do it for us. CAPTAIN AMERICA 24 finishes off with a big bomb. We end on the down note of Black Widow 10. Accountants and Islamabad. Weird.

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