The Mean Geek-Comics Podcasting on the Edge of Civility-Episode #187-“My Hatred Of 90s Comics Is Due Mostly To Lack Of Blimps”


We’re very disappointed at the loss of She-Hulk, while watching STAGE FRIGHT; we note the lack of DC 3d’s in our pile; We eventually get to to the second half of August Indies. We get in on some SAGA 22,filled with family drama and relationship issues; TREES 4, showing us mystery biomechanical flowers; THE FADEOUT 1, glorious return to crime noir we love so; Extinction Parade 2, gimmicky zombie death dancing on display. UBER 16 detailing the misadventures of the first POC Battleship; CONAN THE AVENGER 5, with twists an plot turns and rescued blondes. THE GOON, OCCASION OF REVENGE 2 is some talky stuff. GROO/CONAN 2 develops Sergio’s insanity and Groo’s incompetence and Conan’s incredulity; MANIFEST DESTINY 9 Giant Mosquitoes. SKULLKICKERS 30 shows us amusing but seemingly pointless variations on the crew. LOBSTER JOHNSON: GET THE LOBSTER 5 wows us with a final battle on a giant dirigible. BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA 3 Jack recants the tale of his 4th wife, and insults the boss level mob that has what they need. Come check us out on Facebook, twitter @themeanergeek, leave us voicemail at 203 533 4910 and mail us at, and occasionally see what we have to say textually at

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