Ultimate Facepalm 125 – C Bomb’s UFP Page Solo Mess, Part Deux: Steven DeKnights’ Zebra arms, trying to explain Gamergate and banned from Super Smash Brothers for 136 years!

Well well well! We meet again lonliness!


Yes that’s right, G is MIA for this one again that meaning C Bomb has to do the show like he does his lovemaking; solo.

Here it is in all it’s majesty…



The Melbourne Cup is a bucket of “Who gives a shit”

G is still away and feeling like poo

C Bomb will be away as well

Check out epwperth.com and their huge wrestling event Reawakening 13! www.epwperth.com


UFP Crew Questions and Talk Topic

–          Vinnie Jones in Arrow

–          Wonder Woman movie set in the 20s

–          Steven DeKnight’s Zebra arms

–          No Bullseye for Netflix Daredevil season 2

–          Erasing movies from the public’s consciousness for the greater good

–          Trying to explain Gamergate

–          DC’s 2015 big annual event “Convergence”



–          Retired League of Legends player now gets $800k a year

–          Banned from Super Smash Bros for 136 years

–          Loki and Heimdall to return to the big screen and Avengers: Age of Ultron

–          The Internet Arcade allows you to play over 900 games for free in your browser

–          Attack on Titan and Marvel crossover is happening in Japan









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