Cold Beer and Comics Episode 7: Happy Halloween Kiddies

Cold_Beer_revThis week:

Fox is sick, Corey is hung-over and we have a new co-host. Chris March joins us for our Halloween special.

News: Beer coffee, the Fantastic Four is no more and much more including Corey saying the words ‘wank fodder’ a million times.  44

Commercial Break: The Michael Caine Candy Company

New Comic Reviews: Marsh read Superman: Future’s End, Fox read some classic Captain Britain and Corey read a trio or Halloween delights: Wytches #1, The October Faction #1 and Sabrina #1.

Beers of the Week: Sam Adams Octoberfest and Dogfish Head Punkin Ale

Retro Read: A dramatic reading of some old EC Horror … a lusty tale of werewolves in old gay Paris.

CB&C’s opening and closing themes composed by Donda Music.

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