Wayne’s Comics Podcast #148 With Jeffrey Morris From FutureDude Entertainment

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FutureDude Entertainment is a “new” comics/transmedia company you’re going to want to follow because they make great comics, excellent animation and terrific games! You can check out my review of their Parallel Man: Invasion America #1 at this link: http://majorspoilers.com/2014/10/03/parallel-man-invasion-america-1-review/.

During this week’s episode, I chat with Jeffrey Morris, the head of FutureDude Entertainment. We discuss both Parallel Man and their other new comic, Brainstorm, as well as what else the company is up to. We also discuss the industry and what Jeffrey would like to make happen to move everything ahead, among other things! This is a great chance to get in on the ground floor with a transmedia company that I expect will keep make excellent comics for years to come, so be sure to listen! For more information, check out their website at futuredude.com!

Next week, I have an assignment for you before you listen to episode 149! Be sure to pick up Constantine #18 now at your local comics shops, so you’ll get as much as possible out of my interview with Jeremy Haun, the new artist on the title! We’ll discuss what he’s got planned for the book as well as what it’s like to be working on a comic that has a television show based on it! Then, in two weeks, you’ll hear a special interview as we celebrate landmark episode #150!


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