The Mean Geek-Comics Podcasting On the Edge of Civility-“You’re Tired Of Killing? Take A Nap, You’re A Super Spy”


We are talking MARVELS this week-but before that, I wanted to get a taste of what The REV thought of MULTIVERSITY #1. He doesn’t disappoint. We debate wether we should even watch Gotham to begin with. We watch a Bollywood action flick that never ends. We touch on COMICSGATE, which really made me laugh. We eventually get into NIGHTCRAWLER 5 Kurt’s first day back at school-featuring Danger Rooms and baseball. BLACK WIDOW 9 Crossbones shows up, long awaited-but Punisher seems to serve no purpose. SAVAGE HULK 3 has a magical illusion happening in Hulk’s brain. SILVER SURFER 5-NIGHTMARE! woohoo! In the aftermath, Dawn realizes she must leave earth. ALL NEW X-MEN 31 has Cho and Stark talking portals while the adults are gone from the team-and Warren seems to be making some time with X-23. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 1.4 more of Pete’s early days. AMAZING SPIDER MAN 5-A great team up with Felicia and Electro hitting Eels casino. Eel has a casino!? CAPTAIN AMERICA 23 The Mansion is invaded by an unsubtle mystery man! HULK 5 Fake North Korea gets taken out. SHE HULK 7-Love us some Pulido-love us some shrink rays-question some science. AMAZING X-MEN 10 All Wendigo All The Time. MS MARVEL 7 Logan, giant alligators, sewers, Lockjaw! CAPTAIN MARVEL 6 ends this arc, collapsing mines and defeating JSon.

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