The Mean Geek-Comics Podcasting on the Edge of Civility-Episode #183: “Watchoo Know About Pimpin’, Boy?”


We are talking INDIES this week, but before that we talk Rev’s adventures in random comic book finding. Pulling out references from BALDER THE BRAVE to Byrne FF to Shang Chi showcasing a little early Marc Silvestri. We also yap a bit about organizing books, and how TJ will do the Great Comic Book Re-org of 2014. We kick off actual books with BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA 2 no.2-which humors me greatly with all Jack’s wives. THE SHADOW 0 has Cranston learning from Houdini, while over in SHADOW: MIDNIGHT IN MOSCOW 2 does the reverse; SKULLKICKERS 29 gives Rolf the WarTyke he always wanted; MORIARTY 5 is filled with double crosses. GROO/CONAN 1 amuses us but isn’t sending us into paroxysms of joy; THE GOON-OCCASION OF REVENGE 1 is just general weirdness on paper. CONAN THE AVENGER 4, just man.  TREES 3 goes from weird scifi to to character piece. OUTCAST 2 has way too much going in any given page. REVIVAL 22 is filled with violence, nutbags, and cannibals. NAILBITER 3 gives us back-story, burnings, and more killers. In SAGA 21 the badass of all intergalactic janitors is still on the run. VELVET 6 is the black widow book brubaker isn’t writing for marvel. BATLTIMORE: WITCH OF HARJU 1 presents a small town under oppression of witchery. RAGNAROK 1 is a great piece from Simonson mythology. ATOMIC ROBO and THE KNIGHTS OF THE GOLDEN CIRCLE 2 and 3 is just insane western android goodness. STAR TREK: HARLAN ELLISON’S…blah blah, way to deep and heavy at points but it’s nice to see Rand kick ass. VEIL 4-lots of possessions. UBER 15, greatest alternate history out in years. STAR WARS: REBEL HEIST 4 is mildly disappointing in the just kinda…eh denouement. STAR WARS 19 has Seren fleeing IG88. AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE 6 focuses on Sabrina for the ish. MANIFEST DESTINY 6: FROG FIGHT. CALIBAN 4 and 5 shows us the creation of the threat. We end with UNITED STATES OF MURDER INC. 3, showing us some historical context to the secession.

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