The Mean Geek-Comics Podcasting on the Edge of Civility-Episode #182-“This Is Comics Kids, You Think It’s All Rick Remender, But It’s Really More Ron Frenz”


We watch TALES OF THE GOLD MONKEY, talk Manarra for a bit, long before the comicsgate abortion; get curious about the reviews for SIN CITY: DAME TO KILL FOR; which I later found were in fact somewhat accurate. TechJedi notes his re-reading of all of SIN CITY. We finally get to the MARVEL’S for August. Kicking it off is AMAZING X-MEN 7-Whereforeart thou, Wendigo? raises questions about cannibalism digestion and curses. NIGHTCRAWLER 4 has a kinda, um, odd take on the physicality of memories; Hawkeye 19 which is now an experiment in experimenting. IRON MAN SPECIAL 1 has the kids of Cyclop’s team hanging around in alien bars and being kept from Tony Stark as a matter of trust. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 4 makes me love it for Pete actually doing science for once. BLACK WIDOW 8 has Nat somehow broke, despite investments and big contracts. CAPTAIN AMERICA 22 is the manufactured controversy issue, while Zola breaks through to 616. SHE-HULK 6 Magic, monkeys, Nightwatch, new clients. Art. BLOWS. sorry. it does. SILVER SURFER 4 Hulk and Dr Strange guest star fighting against Universal Monsters. Nuff SAID. UNCANNY X-MEN 23 guests She-Hulk and makes things convoluted. ALL NEW X-MEN 29 This was a difficult to follow book at points, especially early on. CAPTAIN MARVEL 5 reveals JSON’s true plan. Ms MARVEL 6has Kamala running patrols in Jersey City and stumbles on a cockatiel clone of Thomas Edison. WHAAAAT?!? WINTER SOLDIER 5 ends with a disappointing and strange denoument, setting up Iron Nail. THOR 24 rounds us out with Broxton destroyed, Agger speechifyin’, and Thor castle-giftin’.

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