The Mean Geek-Comics Podcasting on the Edge of Civility-Episode #180-“It Works Out Because He Punches Things In The Face Till They Get Better”


We remember Robin Williams with our oldest memories of the actor; take 20 minutes going through odd finds in dollar boxes. finally get to Marvels with Iron Man 27 and 28-Mandarins, Mole Men and more! Uncanny Special 1 Death’s Head bags the wrong Summers. All New X-Men 28 gives us Discount Future Xavier Junior hijacking hive minds. Thor 23 Future Thor repairs the Earth with Galactus Blood and Braxton is a battlefield. Hulk 4 mini Extremis in people’s brains-WOW. Captain Marvel 4 Still has people negotiating, and JSon is an ass. Captain America 21 gives us Iron Nail while Mecha-Gungnir rips up small Eastern Bloc country. Black Widow 7 Guest stars Daredevil. Amazing X-Men 8 is the Prelude to Wendigo Invasion. Savage Hulk 1 guest stars 70s Professor X. Ms. Marvel 3-4-5 has too much to get into here and it’s all GREAT. She Hulk 5 has Jen going to see the Shocker about the Blue File. ASM 1.2-WE DON’T CARE. Amazing Spider-Man 3 give us revenge plotting from Black Cat and Pete trying SO HARD to focus on the company. Nightcrawler 3 finishes the fight at the circus. yawn.


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