The Mean Geek-Comics Podcasting on the Edge of Civility-Episode #179-“Goodbye, Apone”


We yap about Raquel Welch for a while. After talking dumb, useless things regarding Egyptian accents and Brendan Fraser, we go into INDIE WEEK! We visit THE GOON, ONE FOR THE ROAD, purely on the strength of Jack Davis, although all they do is wander around. CONAN THE AVENGER 3 shows us devil pigs killing people, and a typical Conan scene based on skipping out on hookers. LOBSTER JOHNSON: GET THE LOBSTER 4-Mechanical arms; cyborg midgets; and Peter Lorre. STAR WARS: REBEL HEIST 3 is a great little book spotlighting Chewie and the living hard drive of dna data. STAR WARS 18 shows us an escalating Battle of Arrochar. UBER 4 Hitler is alive and there’s a cavern they throw the battleship failures in. In CALIBAN 3 Karien attacks while the crew tries to make the ships talk. Creepy and atmospheric and Ennis Weird. STAR TREK: CITY ON TEH EDGE OF FOREVER BY ELLISON is a HUGE departure from what we know and very weird and entertaining. UNITED STATES OF MURDER 2-lots of convoluted and complicated plot changes and developments almost make this unreadable. TREES 2 has mystery flowers, and a strategic tree located in Somalia. DOC SAVAGE 6 continues to disappoint us. MORIARTY 4 gives us coup attempts and horrifying medical experiments. BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA 1 is just damn weird, but amusing. SKULLKICKERS 28 humors us with a rescue gone awry and DAY OF DUPERY! MANIFEST DESTINY 7 the true point of the company’s quest is questioned. SAGA 20 gives us killer janitors, brothels, and dance teachers. REVIVAL 21 has the world’s creepiest undead in cremation. THAT’S BECAUSE YOU’RE A ROBOT is this years dumbest. book. Period. OUTCAST is all about possession, with the requisite Kirkman complexities. We end everything with NAILBITER 2, which gratefully gives us a bully’s comeuppance.


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