The Mean Geek-Comics Podcasting on the Edge of Civility-Episode #178-“For This To Not Suck Would Literally Require Magic”


We watch House of the Dead 2, and boy howdy. Mention Batgirl’s new costume; complain about the number of volumes to any given Marvel book. We finally get to BATMAN ETERNAL 4-8; likely the only readable Bat-book at this point. Sinestro 2, showing us Thaal getting his Corps back. Secret Origins 2, with a decent Arthur Curry story. Batman 31 which i don’t even care about.  Detective 31, which has a new drug on the street-almost giving us an actual CRIME for a crime fighter to fight. Astro City 12, detailing the life story of a clothes horse. American Vampire 3, where Skinner seems to have gone to hell; Unwritten 5, with Pauly just wanting to be a happy bunny; The Wake 8, confusing and weird as ever.

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