View from the Gutters presents Back Matter #5

Back Matter is our roundtable discussion show focused on all things news worthy in the world of comics. From the big buzz around the latest comics to comic book movies and TV shows, as well as other discussion that didn’t make it into our main show. Feel free to email us discussion ideas or any comments or questions you might have at

Due to weather-related circumstances this week our recording space was rendered temporarily uninhabitable. Episode 80 has therefore been unavoidably delayed until Friday. In the meantime we are pleased to bring you the return of Back Matter.

This week, on an All-New Back Matter, we discuss the latest movie from Marvel: Guardians of the Galaxy. A departure from Marvel’s superhero films, Guardians is a comedic space opera romp through the cosmos. We also sit down to review Devil Dealers, an indie comic about people who have all wagered with the devil and won. Devil Dealers is written by Ross May with art by Brett Wood. It is available both in print and digitally at

You can read more about Bill Mantlo’s condition, including a link to donate to his ongoing medical care, here.

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