The Mean Geek-Comics Podcasting on the Edge of Civility-Episode #176-“I Have to Complete My Bill Mantlo Battlestar Galactica Run”


We’re curious about the Finches taking over WW; After that we hit Captain Marvel 2 and 3; Cat named Chewie is all we have to say-except that with the cat, we’re reminded of PG and her cat from the palmiotti stuff; Amazing Spider-Man 1 and 2-as complete a story ender AND beginning as you can get. Nightcrawler 2 gives us standard you can’t go home again kinda stuff; Hulk 3, with Avengers just getting slapped around for the most part. Thor 22 with the Thoriors three failing miserable while fighting Galactus. Silver Surfer 2 in which Dawn engineers an escape based on mistranslations. Origin 2 5, Logan recriminates, like usual. Iron Man 25 showing us an actual iron suit cause elves are wussies for metal. She Hulk 4-Jen gets some advice and gets in an adventure with DD. Winter Soldier: The Bitter March 4-the penultimate issue-Drain jut makin everyone super sad. Black Widow 6, which should be titled, Nat Just Needs Company. Cyclops 1, enough of that. Captain America 20, Cap breaks free of a terribly obvious lsd dream; Gungnir Mecha. All New X-men 27 with the fututre Apocalypse XMen attacking. Uncanny 21-Dazzletique comes to pick up the fighters at the school while blob is in withdrawal. Amazing X-Men 7, a fun little romp.

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