The Mean Geek-Comics Podcasting on the Edge of Civility-Episode #175-“It’s Already Gross, So Thanks For That, Ennis”


I complain about Cliff and Star Wars. We jump STRAIGHT into Indie Week which is always a great big show. We start with Dark Horse and Veil 2; that being a kinda oddish book with some strange rapiness that made us uncomfortable. I hate Rats. I hate ’em, Jock. We hit some 30’s goodness in Lobster Johnson-Get The Lobster 3, noting that devil dwarves are hard to deal with. Star Wars 16 with local yokels and Leia eats crap for being a woman. Conan the Avenger 1 appears in our list, with a depressed Conan and demon babies. Not the home run we were hoping for. The Star Wars 7 has Vince McMahon playing Vader. Sovereign 2 disappoints on nearly all levels. Revival 19 has people defecating in public, fundamentalist Revivers, and women tied up in tubs. Skullkickers 26 delights us. End of story. Starlight 2 is enjoyable to us, where Duke is guilted into going back to Tantalus. Manifest Destiny 6, giving us lots of plantzombie versions of just about every animal. Uber 11 Sieglinde unleashed! Caliban 1 presents us with aliens_dark horizon_ pastiches; Curse 4 the hell is finally over; Moriarty 3 with delightful convolutedness. We top off with Star Slammers 2.

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