Comic News Insider Episode 556 – More SDCC w/ Dr. Andrea Letamendi!


Reviews: Star-Spangled War Stories Featuring GI Zombie #1, Storm Vol 3 #1, Supreme Blue Rose #1, Sally of the Wasteland #1, Guardians of the Galaxy

Jimmy gives a quickie solo full of quickie news and quickie reviews! All because he wanted you to enjoy the lengthy interview with the amazing Dr. Andrea Letamendi that he conducted at San Diego Comic Con. Drea is a clinical psychologist, scientist and big ol’ nerd who does talks and appears on panels discussing the psychology of superheroes, villains, sci-fi and more. They chatted about her podcast The Arkham Sessions (which covers every episode of Batman: The Animated Series), her SDCC panels, Star Wars, Star Trek, The Anti-Bullying Coalition, comics, movies, TV and of course, lots of Batman. All of it was just a clever ruse on Jimmy’s part to get a free therapy session from her. (He still needs LOADS of help). Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love!

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