The Mean Geek-Comics Podcasting on teh Edge of Civility-Episode #173-“No One Wants To Be Mistaken for Peter David”


We start with a capsule review of NYCC SE, show of shows. After a solid 20 minutes of that, we start with Batman Eternal 1-3. The Roman and more are here to make som really good Bats stories. Secret Origins 1, ok stories that no one really comes across amazing.  Detective 30, Drug dealers and Crusaders as Bruce joins the rebuilding of the east side.  Sinestro 1, a very promising book. Batman 30 which STILL. ISN’T. OVER. American Vampire 2 showing us a new, disgusting vampire. Astro City 10, Unwritten 4 rounds us out, Tommy can’t stop arguing with Wilson.

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