The Mean Geek-Comics Podcasting on the Edge of Civility-Episode #171-“This Book Has Taken A Turn For The Chaykin”


We’re super late so we go through a quick recap of our FCBD stuff. A lot of pointless rambling, followed by these books:

Sovereign 1, a fantasy with zombie monster fish, burial details, and classes of corpse..maintainers? Bad Ass 3, which TJ was unending happy to be past; SkullKickers 25, with the amusing concept of Dwarven Snow Swimmers (rilly). Satellite Sam treats us to a ruined tv episode run by drunks. Astro City 10, A MeanGeek Favorite giving us the stunning conclusion to Winged Victory’s story! Veil 1, Rucka’s new limited joint with mysterious naked women; Sandman Overture 2, with the council of Morphei;

Captain Midnight 9, detailing the final showdown with Fury Shark, big violence, and death. The Wake 7 where we’re suddenly in the future with semi truck dirigibles and a strange signal that may save the world. Revival 18 has Possessed dogs, puking blood, grieving widows, and the Shmoo Demon. Starlight 1, a nice piece, uncharacteristically calm and heartfelt for Millar. Tales of Honor 1, a long and text driven adaptation of the Honor Harrington series. StarSlammers Remastered 1, giving us a new look at classic Simonson comic. Afterlife with Archie, 4, in which Arch finally gets to his now zombie parents and his faithful mutt.

Uber Special 1 gets us some nice back story to the Battleships. Uber 10 then, gives us the formula for Scotch-fueled superhumans; Sieglinde gets dropped into London by VENGEANCE ROCKET. Lobster Johnson: Get the Lobster 2 with police mad at vigilantes and Nazi dirigibles giving rides to Devil Midget Wrestlers. Unwritten Apocalypse 3  has London filling up with fictional armies and we’re taking bets on who wins out. Curse 3 is reaching a nadir rather than a peak. Serenity 3 gives us 5 pages of dreamscape and renegades and out of character mechanics. Doc Savage 4 is about oil rigs and old pals you’ve pissed off. Star Wars 15 has a long winded argument for royal weddings and Luke screws things up cause he’s jealous. THE STAR WARS 6 has a tense battle but little more. Ending with American Vampire Second Cycle 1 revisits Pearl as she runs a refuge for vamp kids.

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