Previews Spotlight #080: 2014-06

John Mayo discusses the contents of the June 2014 Previews catalog and plays clips sent in from listeners spotlighting items they picked.

We had 2 other podcasts/blogs represented this month:
Comics Alternative
Comics for Fun and Profit

and 5 listeners:
TJ Smith
Chris Braly
Martin Pierro

Items mentioned:
p.38 (TJ Smith) Edgar Allen Poe’s Spirits of the Dead HC
p.47 (Drew) Mind MgMt #25
p.51 (John Mayo) POP #1 DCBS 50%
p.55 (TJ Smith) Usagi Yojimbo Saga v1 TP
p.65 (Chris Braly) Star Wars #20
p.69 (Derek Royal) Loverboy
p.69 (TJ Smith) Action Philosophers HC
p.81 (Comics for Fun and Profit) Multiversity #1
p.107 (John Mayo) BATMAN #34 DCBS 50%
p.118 (TJ Smith) All Star Western #34
p.142 (Derek Royal) Fables Deluxe 9
p.145 (TJ Smith) Y: The Last Man Book One TP
p.181 (John Mayo) STAR TREK: NEW VISIONS #2: CORE DCBS 50%
p.196 (John Mayo) IMPERIAL #1 DCBS 50%
p.202 (John Mayo) GENIUS #1 DCBS 50%
p.212 (Derek Royal) Displaced Persons
p.213 (TJ Smith) Fuse v1: The Russia Shift TP
p.231 (Drew) Sex Criminals #8
p.M26 (Comics for Fun and Profit) Superior Spider-Man #32
p.248 (TJ Smith) Strangers in Paradise Kids #1
p.248 (Derek Royal) Strangers in Paradise Kids #1
p.249 (John Mayo) SHINOBI: NINJA PRINCESS #1 DCBS 50%
p.274 (Drew) Critter #23
p.289 (Chris Braly) Big Trouble In Little China #3
p.291 (TJ Smith) Collector HC
p.303 (Martin Pierro) Giant Robot Warrior Maintenance Crew #1
p.312 (Chris Braly) Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers #1 
p.315 (Brandon) Steampunk Battlestar Galactica 1880
p.323 (John Mayo) SOLAR: MAN OF THE ATOM #5 DCBS 50%
p.325 (Chris Braly) Six Million Dollar Man Season 6 #6
p.326 (John Mayo) FLASH GORDON #5 DCBS 50%
p.342 (Derek Royal) Love Rockets 7
p.344 (Drew) Hip Hop Family Tree v1
p.356 (Derek Royal) Kill My Mother

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