Arc Reactions – 20 – The Star Wars

John here. As a teenager I was in love with anything Star Wars. I waited in line to get Episode I tickets in 1999 like so many others. When I heard that Dark Horse was publishing The Star Wars comic series that brings a rough draft of the original story to the page, I was waiting patiently for the story to be released. Now that the final issue is out, Dylan and I tackle this story and see what was different in this original version and what was the same. Join us as we discuss this peek into the past of a classic sci-fi franchise.

star wars copy

Before we go further, I’d like to point out a couple corrections i noticed when editing:


1) I forgot to mention IG-88 when talking about the bounty hunters. He was not in this story, but was on the bridge of the Executor with the other bounty hunters in Empire Strikes Back

2) I said the vote of no confidence for Chancellor Valorum was in Episode II. I looked it up and it was in Episode I.


I apologize for the mistakes. I was relying on my memory, which I guess isn’t as good as I thought it was.


Talking points

Bad Things

Character developtment (19:30)

Teaching wookiees to be combat pilots in a short timeframe (22:43)
Good Things

The Force was not as pronounced (25:43)

Story is very obviously an early draft (28:22)

Character Study (34:39)


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Our next podcast will be on June 16th or 17th and I will be covering my time at Denver Comic Con with a friend of mine, Paul Trebilcox-Ruiz.


We have new music for our intro and credits. We would like to thank Packie Wambaugh for recording it for us.


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