Chronic Insomnia: Issue # 240 “Googily Bits”


Ready for another outstanding issue of Chronic Insomnia?  Yeah we didn’t think so but it’s here anyways.

  • Mike talks about sun dresses and his experience at a 17th century Ice Cream Social.
  • We re-record our intro because the first one spirals into serious talk about Global Warming…yuck.
  • Ryan wears a white T-Shirt
  • What does Mike like to do with two fingers?  Tune in and find out!
  • We even review some comic books.  Nailbiter #1, Nim #1, MPH #1, Invincible #111 and Weird Love?

All this and more on the latest Issue of Chronic Insomnia.  As always, we love the all of you.  To check out our show and website, please click on the link.

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