Arc Reactions – 19 – Days of Future Past (comic)

In preparation for the Fox Studios film adaptation of Days of Future Past, Dylan and John decided to cover the 2-issue story from 1981. Join us as we examine Uncanny X-men 141 and 142.

DOFP pic

Original cover created by John Byrne and Terry Austin. Modifications by Leigh Newman.


Talking points


Wolverine sexist? (16:36)

Sending consciousness back in time vs. sending a person back in time (23:07)

Alternate timeline (30:27)

Post apocolyptic stories and devolving of technology (39:45)

Fight in Washington (46:07)


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Arc Reactions – 19 – Days of Future Past.mp3 


Our next podcast will be on June 8th and we will be covering The Star Wars from Dark Horse comics.


We have new music for our intro and credits. We would like to thank Packie Wambaugh for recording it for us.


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