The Mean Geek-Comics Podcasting On The Edge of Civility-Episode #167-“If You Eat Interchangeable Prisoners, You Have Alien 3”

We watch several episodes of JONNY SOKKO AND HIS FLYING ROBOT, which is all the kaiju you ever need. Go through some memories and how bootlegs work at small shows.We waste a lot of time cause it’s DC week. We look at HARLEY QUINN 2+3; covering the bizarre adventures in land-lordship, psychoactive plant based love potions, and various hitmen. We compare French-Canadians with Batroc the Leaper. Talk about the tragedy that is Batman_Superman 7 and 8; that of course devolves into a Dr. T.O. Morrow Science Moment. We move to Dark Knight 26-27, where we have confirmation that Penguin is behind everything. Move to the giant Detective 27 issue, including a Neal Adams drug trip, a joker origin, and a retired Bats. 28 has the setup for Gothtopia, which seems to have fizzled completely. The boredom makes us switch to Walking Dead tv for a while. We Generally like Batman: Black and White, which has proven a decent series but ended just in time, really. In Batman 27 and 28 we see that Gordon uses the grift to keep himself straight, which is kinda pushing it. Gothtopia comes back for a second, wearying me. Nearly done with Green Lantern 27, with the reconstruction of HQ on Mogo, which seems smart, although ST. Walker loses his-gasp-hope. We finally read Joker’s daughter without the gimmick, and it was surprisingly good, but thoroughly creepy. Lois Lane 1 has Lucy taking drugs for precisely NO reason and turning all bloodlines on us.

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