The Cabal Episode 150!!!


Thank you guys a million-billion times for listening and putting up with feeding our egos for 150 episodes! We’ve been podcasting almost three years, and the only thing that keeps us going is…well, do you want to guess?

WRONG! Its not you, the listener…idiot. Its hearing our own voices! Having our opinions be the right ones! We are in total control of this shit and NO ONE CAN FUCKING STOP US YOU HEAR THAT MOM AND DAD EVEN THOUGH YOU GOT  DIVORCED AND LEFT ME AND MY BROTHER TO FEND FOR OURSELVES IN THE WILDERNESS THAT IS ADULTHOOD I FUCKING DID IT I SHOWED YOU YOU FUCK PIECES OF DOOK!

The Eltingville Club #1
Manhattan Projects #20
Elektra #1
Original Sin #0
Powers: The Bureau #9

Hosted by Jeff, Ian and Dante!

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