IC3 Episode 149: “Demerits”


April 18, 2014: Dante! MIA!
Is he injured? Is he dead? Who knows? Who CARES?
The show! Must! GO! ON!

For all this game stepping upping we’ve been doing the boys are bound to slip up, and that’s where Jeff has to step in and issue demerits based on poor performance, rule breaking, and shit sipping.

Sinestro #1
God is Dead #11
Translucid #1
Superior Spider-man #31
Solar: Man of the Atom #1
Speed Round:
Captain Action Cat: The TimeStream Catastrophe #1 // D4VE #1-4

Hosted by Jeff, Ian and…Dante?
With special Josh Skydreamer from Rhymes With Geek!
Plugs guest: Shannon Liara of RWG’s Top 5!


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