IC3 Episode 148: “Rade Šerbedžija”



Rejoice! For Dante has returned from ECCC! Is he really an Annunaki reptilian overlord? Probably not! The only way to really find out is by listening to this episode!

I mean there’s other reasons to listen to, like if you want to hear us briefly talk about Winter Soldier, or about Ryan Kelly’s NEW Funrama issue, or for our plugs segment featuring a special world famous actor…I mean, the reasons are literally endless…except that the reasons totally end, like, here.

Funrama #3 www.funramacomic.com
Batman: Eternal #1
All-New Ghost Rider #2
All-New Doop #1
Invincible #110
Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #1

Hosted by Jeff, Dann, Dante and Ian!


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