The Mean Geek-Comics PodCasting on the Edge of Civility-Mini Cast 1-Stan’s Soapbox

Hello everyone; welcome to a new mini-feature of The Mean Geek-Comics Podcasting on the Edge of Civility-all the Stan’s Soapboxes, from 1967 to 1980 read aloud for you!
If you’ve listened to the show at all you know that we love comics history.
It doesn’t get more historical than Stan’s soapbox, text pieces in just about every comics marvel did from 67 to 80. they’ve finally been collected in the really nice volume, Stan’s Soapbox: the collection. This book was put out by the Hero Initiative, a non profit, federally recognized organization designed to help out comic creators in time of need, since the industry usually fucks them early and retirement is often no playground. You should check out their mission at

For those of you that have never read older marvels, Stan would hold court on many many types of issues, often bout comics but frequently about real world issues.  to give actual historical context to the soapboxes, the book condenses new stories for every year of the soapbox, which I will handily read out to you as well. Each new cast will be a year’s worth of Stan’s soapbox, so standby for 14 episodes. Having said that, here we go!

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