IC3 Ep. 144: WORDBURGLAR: The IC3 Interview


So we’ve all wanted to do interviews on IC3 for a while now, but with all the game-stepping-up that’s been going on in  2014, the time never seemed better. here’s the first of what we hope is a monthly feature for you guys: The Interview.

And we kept it next-level with our first guest: The original verb hurdler, the nerd interpreter, the verbal silver surfer-er, the one and only WORDBURGLAR. He jumped on Skype with  Ian and Dann to talk about all the comics he’s reading (a lot), his new album ‘Welcome to Cobra Island’ (it’s awesome), and try to guess where some of his samples came from! (we fail).

Check him out at:
And the man responsible for the awesome beat we used, Beatmason:


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