IC3 Episode 141: “The 5th Ghostbuster”


The Incompetent Comic Cabal Cast is entering a brand new era of their journey into podcasting history with this episode! As we move on from the shell of a comic podcast we once were, we decided it would be a good idea to start interviewing people you should hear about. People with a profound influence on the media you love, that you may not even know about! That’s why Ian and Dann sit down with the long-forgotten FIFTH GHOSTBUSTER!

Also, Jeff tries to sing again and we do more plugs, but who the fuck cares when you’ve got a Ghostbuster to listen to!

Fantastic Four #1
Chew #40
The Wake #6
Manhattan Projects #18
Revenge #1

Hosted by Jeff, Dann and Ian!
This episode of IC3 could have been sponsored by: US Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi!


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