Sequential Underground #85 – Go F*ck Yourself

The final podcast by indie comics creators for indie comics creators!

Sequential Underground
Listen to Sequential Underground #84 right now:

Shawn Atkins and Nick Marino

Show Notes:

It’s the last episode of Sequential Underground from the AudioShocker! We kick things off with some regional Culinary Underground conversation, discussing the food on S Craig St in Pittsburgh, PA (where Shawn just started a new job).

Nick is pitching “The Graphic Novel Formerly Known As The Bible 2” to publishers and we recount some of our failed pitches from the past. Among those is Shawn and Nick’s failed animation pitch for Li’l Bastards, which was rejected by Frederator Studios for being too much too soon after the Sandy Hook shootings.

Shawn also shares the finished version of his Gello Apocalypse / Star Wars mashup! Last week, he posted the inks for this piece on the Gello blog.

Speaking of last week, HaterMania body slammed the internet with its muscly goodness! Shawn and Nick recount the long and winding journey of their Super Haters collaboration, discussing the prolonged creation process from start to finish.

So what’s next for Sequential Underground? We dunno! Shawn might continue it on another website or this episode might be THE END. Either way, you can always access all of our past episodes on the Sequential Underground archives page.

Confused about why Sequential Underground is wrapping up? Check out this podcast from last week and then come back to this Wednesday, February 26th for a special announcement about the future of our podcasts!

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