IC3 Episode 140: “DICKHAMMER”



Yipee-doo! We’re back! I mean, its expected, we do this every week…but, like…we didn’t kill ourselves, so that’s something. Right?

Ian has this week off, so we replaced him with IC3 featured player Dann and The TMNT Podcast co-host James, and we chat about the new Fantastic Four cast, the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer, Crossfire spin-off games, the Holocaust, Jr., we introduce a brand new industry unto future Earth, vegans,
blumpkins, and then some comics!

PS: My microphone clipped a lot this episode. Sorry.

New Warriors #1
Wonder Woman #28
Undertow #1
The Punisher #2
God is Dead #7
Fuse #1
Supergirl #28 / The Bunker #1 / Curse #2 / Alex and Ada #4

Hosted by Jeff, Dante, Dann and James!
This episode of IC3 could have been sponsored by:
the Knowledge Exchange Store!


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