The Mean Geek-Comics Podcasting on the Edge of Civility-Episode #161- “Oy That’s Beautiful, What is That, Valorum”?



It’s Indie week and they’re gaining ground on Marvels in sheer volume. We kick off with Brother Lono 6, Star Wars 11, with Birrah Seah hightailing it; Han and Chewie seal a deal, and a surprise reveal! Astro City 6, Secret dels with inter-dimensional aliens; Baltimore The Infernal train 3, capping off a short, nice story; THE Star Wars 3,with hidden fortresses and lost droids and craziness; Legends of Red Sonja 1, which was just kinda standard; Manifest Destiny, which we found to be promising. Sledge Hammer 44, 1 which has a lot of stuff we’re missing but seems to have been neat somewhere along the line. Revival 15, Dana gets some back story in revealing her misspent youth. Saga 15, Prince TV arrives as mom and salinger get close; Pretty Deadly 2, which is someone pretty much just tripping in a western movie back-lot;  Buck Rogers 3, Spies and rival gangs and GOOD OL USA! Sex Criminals 3, with ol boy’s history.  Uber 7, where we change theatres and see what the Japanese have to say superhuman wise; Afterlife with Archie 2, where shit GETS REAL; God is Dead 3, where the south Americans wipe out the Egyptians but then are taken down a peg themselves.

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