Feed It Comics Interviews: Val Staples

FIC-Interviews-Val Staples

Val Staples is a name you know if you know comics; after all, the man has beautified half a grand of these things! Here we have a spacious conversation allowing for many topics, and as suspected we dug a bit into the process and mindset, perhaps even the very psychosis of a colorist!

We also talk conventions, Indestructible Hulk, and even try to define the value of comics and explain the renaissance of the medium! Don’t worry, Doc Fluxx lets Val talk most of the time. Will you not listen? Yes. Yes you will.

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We are the Caretakers: those responsible for the ritual feeding of an old, nameless god-beast that lurks in the hollows of the earth. We do this to keep it calm, lest it rise in anger to destroy us. These days, it prefers the taste of comic books, we know not why. Its demonic metabolism will only process the finest art and narratives, and it is up to us to determine which titles are worthy of depositing into its million toothed maw. In preparation for such rituals we meet once a week to deliberate on the comics we have read; each member of the “Order of Caretakers” presents their choice offerings. That, and a whole bunch of wacky fun segments, because when you are charged with such, uh… Lovecraftian responsibilities, its good to exercise a measure of leisure. Before we were assimilated into this higher calling, we were merely geeks with a strong passion for this unique and timeless medium. While beholden to our master, we found it rather cathartic to make a podcast that chronicles our process. We are essentially saving the world when you think about it, but why can’t still indulge in human activities? WHY I ASK YOU??

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