The Mean Geek-Comics Podcasting on the Edge of Civility-Episode #160-“It’s Val Kilmer; There’s a Taint Now”

We watch Deathstalker and man, was it BAD. we mention a few 80s fantasies; mention geeky Christmas presents; we talk some Hawkeye with #13; where Kate just kinda fails upwards; Avengers21 and 22, where Hickman fails miserably at astronomical character names. New Avengers 11, Where things FINALLY get explained; Thor 14 with Elven Queens and dwarves and giants and fantasy galore; Hulk 14, where double plus good takes on a whole new meaning; Superior Spider-Man 19 and 20, with just way too much plot to talk about; Cap 12 with just the longest nastiest jingoist SCREED; Iron Man 16 and 17 with daring escapes and long lost brothers; All New X-Men 17-where the X-Men, the X-Men, and oh yeah, the X-MEN all show up to argue time ethics. Uncanny X-Men 13, with KRAKOA, which is all you need, really. X-Men Battle of the Atom 2, with people leaving teams, shield branded sentinels and more. We conclude with All New X-Men Special 1 where the original class gets in adventures around Manhattan.

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